Here at Picture Peak the aim is to deliver light-hearted articles and reviews about films and video games. They’ll be a number of features that will be up on this page so I’ll use this space to indicate as to what certain articles will be about.

Reviews and ratings: Pretty much what it says on the tin, just a light review or discussion of the movie/video game, except our rating scale is based on a percentage scale 100% being our highest grade and 0% being our lowest.

Mini Reviews: Mini Reviews are our short & sweet reviews, they’ll be broken down by months, showcased on continually updating pages for each new release we see.

General Articles: This is where your general topics, such as; trailer breakdowns, casting announcements, film announcements and all that good stuff in between will be covered.

Openings: Creating an effective opening chapter in both video games and films can be a tough job. So here we’ll be breaking down the best of the best to see what made each of them so gripping and successful.

In depth looks: This is where we take the time to look in to various topics and see what made them a success or failure. Expect these topics to cover the range of; why it flopped, what went wrong? and why it was a success

Pitching: Is where the creative juices begin to flow, here we will pitch movie sequels or video game adaptations, in a way that seems plausible or sometimes simply just what direction we would like to see a movie take with the source material.

Hidden Gems: This is where we unearth great films or video games that fell under most peoples radars. The features that didn’t perform that well with audiences, or just no one really went to see, in order to help give them some new found love.

Top Lists: This section is where you’ll find all of the countdowns and highlights of any franchise, movie or Television series. Breaking down the likes of favourite moments, best episodes or key moments within any given franchise, because quite frankly, who doesn’t love a good list?

If any of that sounds interesting to you, then stay locked for more articles heading your way over the year.

Podcasts: *In Development* As our radio show has drawn to an end we are now working on bringing it back through podcasts! They’ll still feature the very best music from our favourite movies & video games, as well as all the relevant chit chat. So stay tuned.