Academy Announce New Oscar Category

Here’s some news none of us where expecting. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced some changes to the Oscars, which includes adding a brand new category! The new category will be ‘designed around achievement in popular film.’ We suspect it’ll be a chance to reward the cinema’s heavy hitters & audience favourites. Though they haven’t been totally exempt from the running’s prior. With the likes of Mad Max: Fury Road & Toy Story 3 receiving Best picture noms, and Titanic & Lord of the Ring Return of the King actually walking away with the awards. Though the details on what qualifies a film for this category have yet to be announced, we’re fairly certain it’ll aim to award the big audience hits.

The news marks the first time a new category has been added to the Oscar line up since the Best animated feature category joined the ranks back in 2001 (just in case you were wondering it was Dreamwork’s Shrek who took home the very first title). The Academy have also announced plans to make the whole ceremony a shorter experience, as well as an earlier air date.tweetWhat are your thoughts on the new category? Do you think it’s time to start awarding the cinema’s big hitters or is it an award long overdue? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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