PS Plus August Line Up

Although we have been on a bit of a hiatus, moving houses and looking after kittens isn’t an easy time, who knew?! Anyways, we’ve still been keeping top of our games & movies as much as we can, so you can expect to see some of our articles creeping up. For the mean time, we’ve got some new PS Plus games to discuss, and from what we know about the titles, it looks to be another great month of gaming ahead.


Mafia III

Set in New Bordeaux, a very very similar city to New Orleans. You’ll take control of Lincoln Clay as he sets out on a quest for vengeance, against the mob that tried to kill him & his mob family. This 3rd person open world plays well enough with a compelling central story & a killer soundtrack to boot. Though it doesn’t quite rival the likes of Grand Theft Auto, thanks to its repetitive mission design and functional gameplay. Even so Mafia III is a solid open world adventure, and one that warrants a play-through.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a one game I’ve seen on the PlayStation store for a year and always dabbled getting involved in but just couldn’t bring myself to get it. Well with it being one the free games this month, I doubt i’ll be avoiding it much longer. Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer (4 V 1) horror game that pits 4 survivors against one of the many available murders & monsters, in a bid to survive one terrifying evening. The killer will be play in from first person perspective as they aim to hunt down and kill the four survivors. Meanwhile the four survivors will play from a 3rd person perspective, granting them more situational awareness for the oncoming threat, as they do their best to avoid being caught & gruesomely tortured. Graphically the game looks great & with the neat twist on conventional multiplayer, we can’t wait to jump in and give this title a go.

Knowledge is Power (PlayLink)

PlayStation’s PlayLink seems to be gradually gaining traction as one of the go to party games for any PlayStation owner. I’ll be honest I never thought I’d play much of That’s You, but every time a few mates come over it’s almost always switched on for good fun. Knowledge is Power is essentially the Buzz replacement quiz show, and better yet it’s now free! Just like most quiz shows, you’ll pick from a variety of categories as you earn points to use in the final quiz, where you’ll race up a pyramid by answering the questions the fastest to win the crown. Though winning isn’t quite so simple, as you can deploy power plays against your opponents, slowing their reaction times down. These can let you cover their answers in slime, freeze them or even a mixture of both, requiring them to lose valuable seconds as they clear their screen. Simply put, is it as good as Buzz? No. Is it an entertaining quiz game, you bet.


Here They Lie


Bound by Flame

Serious Sam 3 BFE


Draw Slasher

Space Hulk

There you have it, your list of free games for August 2018. Anything in here you like? Or anything you’d like to see next month? Let us know in the comments below.

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