PS Plus May Line Up

With the month coming to a close it’s time to see what games will be making their way on to the PS Plus library for May 2018. We’ve once again got another solid month of PlayStation titles, including a supernatural adventure, and a bright platformer that’s no doubt a PlayStation 4 essential. Go ahead and glance down at the list below to see all the titles across all three consoles that are waiting for us in May.


Beyond: Two Souls

A psychological action thriller starring Ellen Page and William Dafoe in the titular roles. It’s a Hollywood movie delivered as a video game, brought to life from the minds behind the excellent Heavy Rain and upcoming Detroit: Become Human. Take control of Jodie and supernatural entity Aiden as you journey across an adventure spanning 15 years of her life, compiled of action set pieces and emotional moments alike. Expect your choices to evolve the narrative, as each and every decision you make impacts Jodie’s journey, determining how her story will pan out. If you’ve ever played Heavy Rain or you’re excited by what Detroit: Become Human is offering, we recommend you download Beyond: Two Souls and try it out, and who knows, you just may end up loving it.

Rayman Legends

Without a doubt one of the best games on the PlayStation 4. A fantastic platformer made up of unique and visually striking worlds that aren’t a simple cake walk as the colourful visuals might have you believe. It’s got 4 player co-op, tonnes of challenging levels, and even a rather addictive football mini game. That’s not even touching on the brilliant music levels that sprinkle the game like extra rewards. Simply put, If you haven’t given Rayman Legends a chance just yet, we Highly recommend you take the leap now. We doubt you’ll regret it.


Risen 3: Titan Lords

Eat Them


King Oddball (Cross-Play on PS4 & PS3)


There you have it. April’s free game run down. Anything you like here? Or perhaps anything that you’re hoping to see in next month’s line up? Let us know in the comments below.

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