7 Of The Best Guest Characters In Fighting Games

In case you missed the news, Soul Calibur VI have revealed that they’ll be inviting the Witcher‘s very own Geralt of Rivia along for the ride. Which got us thinking back to our favourite fighting guest characters, and what made some of them such excellent additions. We’ll be limiting the qualifying games to standalone titles only, so any franchise cross overs including; Super Smash Bros or Marvel Vs Capcom won’t be making an appearance on the list below.

Geralt of Rivia – Soul Calibur VI (2018)Geralt SC6.jpgObviously Geralt was going to find his way in to this list, after all he kick started all this reminiscing in the first place. Though we haven’t played Soul Calibur VI just yet, we’re pretty certain that Geralt is going to be a certified smash hit when the game finally hits shelves (or digital stores) later this year. As a now established gaming hero, one that has rocketed in popularity thanks to the insanely great Witcher 3 title that released a few years back. Now with his own Netflix show on the way too, it seems like he’s due a fighting game debut as well. Especially when you take in to account that franchise has a whole host of imaginative beasts and warriors to pit against a skilled Witcher against.

Kratos – Mortal Kombat (2011)Kratos MK9.jpgWhen Mortal Kombat made its return back in 2011 it needed to make an impact, with the inclusion of the now mainstay X-Ray moves and brutal as ever combat, it only felt fitting to get the rage fueled God slayer in on the action. After all where else would you expect to find a Demi-God who can decimate Gods with his bare hands? Besides being a perfect fit for franchise Kratos featured some excellent Fatalities, strong combos and a very useful set of weapons at his disposal. Then again tearing enemies to shreds down enemies with the Blades of Chaos is bound to be fun in any game. Though his opponents may not be towering Titans, if you played Kratos right they’d certainly fall just as hard.

Hellboy – Injustice 2 (2017)Hellboy Injustice 2This slot was a toss up between two much welcomed heroes, as we absolutely LOVE Injustice 2 and we received some truly great editions to the roster along the way, including a chance to brawl with the TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). Yet no hero seemed to quite match up to the joyous heavy hitter that is Hellboy. Then again that’s probably down to a stronger move set and powerful combo chains at his disposal. Still his appearance in Injustice 2 is a welcome one, thanks to his smart arse quips in battle intros and meter clashes, alongside a great selection of gear loadouts that allow you to customize your devilish hero as you see fit.

Link – Soul Calibur II (2002)Link SCII        Aside from Mario, Link is easily one of Nintendo’s most recognizable heroes. With a iteration of Soul Calibur II making its way to Gamecube it felt like a perfect time for the swordsman to make his fighting game debut. Not only does Soul Calibur’s art style best suit this hooded hero, but the weapon based fighting style and fantastical arenas made Link feel like a necessity. Then again any chance to play your favourite hero in a fighting game is a hard opportunity to pass up, especially when they appear in a game as excellent as Soul Calibur II.

Alien & Predator – Mortal Kombat X (2015)AvP MKXWe’ll be honest Mortal Kombat X had an amazing collection of guest characters including the likes of Jason Voorhes and Leatherface heading the roster, but we’re pretty sure these iconic sci-fi monsters take the biscuit. The Xenomorphs, fast and agile gameplay was just as furious and fun as you might’ve expected, the same goes for the Predators handy toolkit and diverse combos, With both fighters highlighting the best aspects of this gore filled brawler. Then there’s the added bonus of watching the pair replicate some of their franchise’s most iconic kills as fatalities, which (surprisingly) never gets old.

Darth Vader/Yoda – Soul Calibur IV (2008)Darth Vader SC4There’s always going to be a fan base for Star Wars. Heck even if Disney continues to release a new Star Wars movies year in, year out for the foreseeable future, it’ll never take away the magic of the original trilogy. So putting Darth Vader (PS3 exclusive) and Yoda (Xbox 360 exclusive) in your fighting titles is more than likely going to be a bona fide winner. Problem was Yoda was way too small, meaning almost all of your medium to high attacks where just going to go straight over his head… literally. Vader on the other hand wasn’t broken, and his bulky build allowed commanding the Sith lord powerhouse to be just as intimidating and impactful as you’d of hoped. Think Rogue One‘s ending sequence except it’s brightly lit, and your chopping to pieces a variety of colourful fighters. Not quite lore accurate perhaps, but undoubtedly a hell of a good time.

Bruce Lee – EA Sports UFC (2014)/ UFC 2 (2016)Bruce lee UFC.jpgWe’ll be honest this one is a bit of a curve ball, (even the announcement took us by surprise at the time) but we’re still going to pitch it. As Bruce Lee is still a phenomena today, years after his unfortunate passing. His movies are still enjoyable to watch and with UFC placing him in the ring it felt like a great, if bizarre resurgence. Whilst he may not fit in to the franchise as well as the other guest characters have on the list, the gameplay and combat style closely resemble his fighting style mimics his fighting style. With the chances to knock out your friends with some fast jabs or powerful kicks, it’s hard not to give the icon a spot on this list.

So there you have it, that’s 7 of our favourite fighting game guest characters? Have we missed some of your favorites off the list? Be sure to let us know yours in the comments below.

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