PS PLUS April Line Up

It’s once again that time of month when Sony announces the new line up for our PS Plus libraries. After the phenomenal month of March it looks like there’s no end in sight for great games as April looks set to drop us a heap of vehicular fun and old school loving. Don’t just stay here and wonder what’s coming, scroll down and check out the list to find out what’ll be heading to your PlayStation library this month.


Mad Max

Not to shy away from delivering yet another AAA title, PlayStation have treated us to the action/adventure open world game Mad Max. A post apocalyptic wasteland based of the movie franchise of the same name. There’s vehicle warfare, gun-play and hand to hand combat to get yourself stuck in to, as Max sets out on a personal vendetta against a crew of raiders who’ve stripped him of everything. It’s nothing revolutionary in terms of storytelling, but its enough to set you on a path of unstoppable destruction, leaving nothing but mounds of scrap and bodies in your wake. It may not be the best game in its genre, but it can be a great time, and for the low low price of free, it’s hard not to recommend you download this title and give it a go.

TrackMania Turbo

An arcade racer with 4 main locations, over 200 tracks to race on, and all at breakneck speeds, Trackmania Turbo truly is the bite size version of fast and furious arcade racing. Trackmania Turbo¬†excels at delivering high octane action on crazy looping tracks, and even comes coupled with the option of 4 player split screen coop, so you can get all your friends around for some wild racing action. It’s certainly one of the better racers you can find on the console right now, and with the shortage of racing games on the platform we’ll take any title we can, especially if it’s as good as this.


In Space We Brawl (Cross buy on PS4)

Toy Home


99 Vidas (Cross buy on PS3 & PS4)

Q*Bert Rebooted (Cross buy on PS3 & PS4)

So that’s your line up for this month. What do you think? What games would you like to see feature on next month’s free list? Let us know in the comments below.

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